New Onstacks Release

Xan Ditkoff
March 29, 2022
Onstacks Landing Page

Today Daemon is pleased to release a new version of the Onstacks platform to the STX mining and broader Stacks community. The majority of this release consists of improvements to the backend, and won't necessarily be visible to end users. What is noticeable is a new layout for the platform and new educational materials for miners. More importantly, this release includes more clarity on the future of Onstacks as a platform and service focused on STX mining and miners.

We originally had a wider mandate for Onstacks, which included becoming the go-to source for any and all data on the Stacks network. Since then, a number of teams and projects have coalesced around specific areas of data and use cases. The products they have released are doing an incredible job providing the specific data for different use cases. Some of our favorites include:

As a result, we are refocusing Onstacks as the place for everything STX mining related, and as an increasingly valuable resource for miners on the network. This means we will keep the Mining Monitor and Daemon Explorer modules, but will focus future expansion on more ways to help miners. You can see the details of what that means below on our new roadmap, and we'll be spending the next few months digging into the core mining and node software with the intention of being able to execute on this roadmap over the next year.

Onstacks 2022 Roadmap

Details of the New Release

Let's briefly go over the improvements featured in this new release.

The overall site structure has been redesigned, with bringing you to a new landing page. To access Onstacks actual modules, you simply click on the Open App button, which will take you to the Mining Monitor and Explorer. The Explorer remains unchanged, but we've added a few key data points to the Mining Monitory, such as total BTC fees paid by STX miners, which was highly requested by the community.

We've also moved our blog over to Onstacks and plan to publish reports and updates from here going forward. Lastly, we've created an entire education section for STX miners under the Developers and Documentation headers. This section includes information on the basics of mining, how it works, how to best use the tools Onstacks provides, and how to get setup as a new miner. This section is a mix of information we have created as well as links to others' documentation, and will perpetually be a work in progress.

With this release, we've also included a contact form where you can reach out to our team to give feedback, bug reports, product/feature suggestions and more. Our one ask with this new release is to hear from everyone using Onstacks so we can better improve the platform going forward.

Happy Mining!

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