Daemon Update: New Website & Mining Monitor Dashboards

Xan Ditkoff
March 23, 2022

Since releasing the Mining Monitor Beta in June, Daemon Technologies has been quietly making progress on a number of fronts. We've grown the team, as well as our presence in the Stacks Ecosystem in a number of ways. In this post, however, I want to dive into our two latest releases: a new company website and a massive update to STXMining.club.

Onstacks Mining Dashboard

New DaemonTechnologies.co Website

Briefly first, we've published a new version of the company website that more accurately describes Daemon's role in the Stacks ecosystem. Our mandate is to generally empower and push forward Stacks technology in Asia. Within that wide mandate there are specific avenues through which we can provide the most leverage to others working with Stacks technology:

  1. We help secure the Stacks Network by mining STX tokens. More importantly, we help others to understand STX mining and get started themselves.
  2. We provide on-chain analysis for the Stacks Network, specifically focused on STX mining and the settlement of assets through STXMining.club . Going forward we want to extend that capability to derivative protocols built on top of Stacks, as well as provide more professionalized backend data products to developers and protocols. More details on this in the months to come.
  3. Lastly, we've begun to take a larger role advising projects building on top of Stacks on technical design, funding considerations, and go to market. In addition, we also invest and partner with projects on a case by case basis.

We've also formalized the process to get in touch with us. The new site makes it easy to contact us about any of the above.

Mining Monitor 2.0

The bigger news is the massive update we just released for STXMining.Club . When we first released the Beta in June, it included just the basic Overview page, meant to give anyone a basic understanding of the recent activity in the STX mining market. While useful, this dashboard is less useful to actual miners, as most of the data points are either aggregated or recent averages. The Mining Monitor's new dashboards specifically target STX miners. They go much further towards providing the breadth and depth of data miners need to stay competitive. I'd like to walk through a quick demo of the new dashboards below and illustrate some of the finer details:

To begin, simply click on the new "Mining Data" tab in the upper left. This will take you to a more detailed overview of the recent asset flow through PoX as seen below:

We call this chart the "STX Mining Asset Flow", and it shows just that aggregated over the previous 100 Stacks blocks. On the left the most active miners can be seen, along with the total amount of Satoshis (Sats) they have all spent to compete to mine. On the right is the result: total amount of STX earned by miner over that same timeframe. Individual miner addresses can also be clicked on to highlight the Sats spent and STX earned by each miner. From here, you can click on either of the tabs next to the currently selected "Mining Overview". Clicking on "Miners" will take you to a detailed list of all STX miners:

This list can be sorted by any of the titles simply by clicking on them, and includes every STX miner that has ever been active. In addition each address is clickable. This will take you to one of the new pages I'm most excited about going forward: Miner Profiles.

Here you can see detailed data of an individual STX miner. Some quick notes to aid in exploring this new page:

  • "STX Confirmation", "Bitcoin Confirmation", and "Reward Confirmation" are all clickable and will bring you to the associated explorer and the raw txid/block data.
  • Profitability here is currently a rough estimate, and does not take the 100 block delay for reward delivery into account.
  • "Participation History", inspired by Github's activity chart, is fully clickable. Doing so will bring up the specific data for that block, which can be seen below the confirmation information.

Finally, to view the last new dashboard, head back to the "Mining Data Overview" page and click on the "Blocks" tab. Doing so will take you to the following:

Here you can see detailed miner participation data for each Stacks block. In addition to all confirmation info being clickable, the colored circled proportionate to individual miner spend can be hovered over to reveal more details.


We at Daemon Technologies are excited about the improvements to the Mining Monitor, but even more so about the possibilities they open up for the future. We plan to expand on the concept of miner profiles in a number of ways, to potentially include a mobile notification service for STX miners. In addition, we can extend the Mining Monitor to provide the same level of transparency and settlement data for derivative protocols launching on top of Stacks in the near future.

Thank you for reading, and more importantly if you give the new Mining Monitor a try, please leave us feedback!

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