Announcing the Public Release of the STX Mining Monitor

Xan Ditkoff
March 23, 2022

We first created the mining monitor in April as an augment for the Stacks Explorer. We wanted a tool to help our team better understand the early STX Mining market and build a stronger muscle for participating in mining specifically. We quickly found others looking for similar data, and realized the ability to vertically scale this tooling in the Stacks ecosystem. As a result, Daemon recently decided to focus on the STX Mining Monitor as a long term product.

Announcing the Public Release of the STX Mining Monitor

Daemon Technologies is excited to release an updated design of the STX Mining Monitor, along with a preview of what we will release in the coming months. You can go straight through to the new STX Mining Monitor by clicking on the image below:

New logo representing STX Miners - Click the image to check out the STX Mining Monitor

This new release today provides an overview of the recent activity in the STX Mining market. It is meant to give both STX Miners and non-miners alike a valuable, quick snapshot of recent onchain activity. In addition to showing activity on the Stacks chain, it also shows data from the Bitcoin chain, such as hashrate. This is necessary to understand the security of the Stacks chain, as STX transactions are secured by both STX Miners and Bitcoin Miners (read this blog post for a deeper understanding of Stacks Chain security).

This new update also includes a great dark mode. Finally.

We are also working to finish a number of new dashboards meant specifically for STX Miners. These include granular onchain data down to both the block by block and individual miner levels. These future dashboards will enable anyone to easily trace the provenance and confirmation of a transaction in any derivative layer on top of Stacks (such as any DeFi use case) down to both the Stacks and Bitcoin chains.

You can see some early screenshots of this future release below:

Full capital flow of Proof of Transfer (PoX) over the last 100 Stacks blocks
Profile of an individual STX Miner showing the full history of participation

Detailed participation data for every Stacks block

In addition to offering more detailed data, we will also be releasing a publicly exposed API that others can use. We will be releasing this wide update to the monitor, alongside a new public brand we are creating for STX Miners, in the following months.

In the meantime, please check out this latest release here , and drop us a tweet with any feedback @STXDaemon on twitter.

Thank you.

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