Stacks Mining Analytics

Harness the power of Bitcoin through Stacks

Onstacks is the leading analytics provider for miners on the Stacks network. Track, analyse, and get notifications (coming soon) on all mining related activies with Onstacks.

A project by Daemon Technologies

Understand the STX Mining Market & Track Your Performance

Track your mining performance and use live operational intelligence to help you outcompete other STX miners

Understand STX Mining

Learn how STX mining with Proof of Transfer (PoX) works, and start mining STXfor yourself today

STX Mining Wiki
Easy to get started
Optimize Your Setup
Community support

Onstacks Development Roadmap

Find out about the direction of Onstacks over the next year

Q1 2022

New Mining Data

Upgraded Backend

STXMining Wiki

Q2 2022

Create a Miner Watchlist

Stacks Wallet Connect

Miner Notification Service

Q3 2022

Mining Bot Web App

Onstacks Mobile App

Q4 2022

BTC &STX Cloud Node

Miner P&L Dashboard

STX Mining Wiki

Browse through the STX Mining Wiki for links to documentation, different setup options, and to gain a deeper understanding of mining strategy

Read Wiki
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